How much impact does word choice have in your ability to lease your apartments to prospective residents? Or should I say,

"How much impact does word choice have in your abililty to lease your apartment homes to your prospective tenants?

Now, if you're like me, the word "tenants" was like fingernails on a chalkboard to you just now. But there seems to be a real controversy in our industry on whether or not you should call an 'apartment' an 'apartment home'.

Here's my take (yes, I'm giving an opinion this time and not just stirring the pot). I think the term 'apartment home' is a little too over the top. Now don't get me wrong. I definitely think that 'apartments' are 'homes' but I believe to call them that is redundant. Here's an example. Follow along and maybe you'll understand what I mean:

"I'm heading to the grocery store retail establishment with my daughter child to get potatoes vegetables. I'm taking the truck automobile and will get some gasoline fuel on the way there. When I get back to the house home, I'll call you at your office work.'

Do I agree that semantics play an important part in sales? Yes. Do I think we go overboard sometimes? Yes. Case in point: "Clothes care center " as opposed to "laundry room". That's like calling the mailbox area the 'communication center'.  I don't like tenant, complex or unit. Those grate on me, big time. But 'apartment home'? I just don't see where that makes a difference.

I gave those aforementioned examples out on Twitter today and received A LOT of feedback, none of which agreed with me. I also sent out a tweet, asking renters to give me their opinions. So far, no renters care enough to weigh in. Hmmm...perhaps that's the real opinion out there that matters.

So, take your best shot. I can handle it. I'm wearing my Kevlar vest and my unbreakable glasses today. Let the debate begin.