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Redefining Rental Living: Signing Up for an Upscale, Unique and Affordable Lifestyle

When you hear the words: dog-friendly, gratis interior design, and free grocery delivery service – apartment living isn’t what comes to mind. But that’s what young professionals are looking for: stylish, urban living spaces with convenient and flexible services, all within walking distance of restaurants, shops and the office. And rental developers are taking notice by adding perks that do away with traditional rental restrictions.

Redefining Rental Living: Signing Up for an Upscale, Unique and Affordable Lifestyle

Redefining Rental Living: Signing Up for an Upscale, Unique and Affordable Lifestyle

Upscale living and luxurious amenities are no longer only enjoyed by owners at high-end condominium properties. They are now a reality at select rental properties too. Millennials and Gen-Xers are driving greater demand for luxury rental living at affordable prices, specifically looking for apartments that support healthy, creative and social lifestyles.


Many people want to personalize their living spaces, take advantage of preferred amenities and work efficiently from home, all in a place that showcases innovation and creativity. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter apartment sameness.


Savvy property developers recognize this reality and offer premier luxury rental properties in walkable, thriving communities. Some install unique artwork, encourage residents to choose their wall colors (yes, in a rental unit!) and create shared spaces that reflect these new lifestyle trends.


A Unique Frame of Mind


Apartment properties are meeting the demand for distinction in innovative ways. Utilizing public artwork to differentiate a sense of place used to be relegated to commercial buildings, but no more. For example, a new rental property in Tampa called Aurora features a unique art installation on the outside of the building that enhances the Downtown Tampa skyline and adds to the property’s unique elements.

At the same time, the colorful, multi-story artwork announces on a grand scale that the building owners embrace a sense of style and uniqueness. Aurora’s artful façade enhances the downtown Tampa skyline. Thinking outside the norm in this way helps cater to apartment seekers and others looking for a different living experience.


Banishing the Beige


Some developers give new residents more flexibility to create their own living space. Loosening decades-old restrictions allows residents to add a pop of color to their living spaces and choose among more design and décor choices.


In fact, some rental properties offer guidance from professional interior designers as a move-in gift and a way to give residents an opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind living space.


Building Excitement


Even the most vibrantly colored apartment can feel drab if the building itself and neighborhood do not generate a strong sense of excitement about living there. Developers recognize this with upscale amenities that create a great sense of community, such as a clubhouse with a stylish lounge, a sports bar, tech center and convenient conference rooms for meetings. Others attract health-minded residents with a professional fitness center with a yoga & spin studio, a resort-style pool, a tennis court and /or a walkable trail around the development. 


Complimentary Wi-Fi hot spots throughout a development give residents the choice of when and where to connect to the outside world.


Not Losing the Remote


This greater connectivity drives another growing trend working its way into residential living: accommodating the remote employee. As employees increasingly choose flexible job arrangements, more developers design buildings that offer Wi-Fi, comfortable seating and co-working spaces.


All of this is part of the bigger trend for people choosing to live in communities where they can work and play. Properties located within walking distance of vibrant downtown areas or locations with multiple shopping, entertainment and dining options close by further enhance resident lifestyles. After all, people do not just choose to live in a rental property, they also seek to belong to a greater community, boost their social connectivity, and elevate their way of living simultaneously.

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