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Residents demand saltwater pools

Residents demand saltwater pools

Residents demand saltwater pools

For many renters, the most appealing amenity an apartment community can offer is a fabulous outdoor gathering space. The crown jewel of any multifamily outdoor space is its swimming pool. More often than not these days, young renters expect that pool to be chlorine-free, and that means saltwater is the wave of the apartment pool future.

Saltwater provides recipe for health

Chlorine sanitation systems in swimming pools use chlorine bleach and other irritating toxins to purify the water and prevent the growth of algae and harmful bacteria. A saltwater system accomplishes those ends using salt and electrolysis to produce constant chlorine as a by-product, resulting in clean water that is less salty than seawater. Swimmers notice little or no eye or skin irritation—and no green hair—from swimming in saltwater pools.

Initial investment worthwhile

Converting an existing chlorinated swimming pool to a salt-chlorinating system requires an initial investment of as little as $2,000. But, it's an investment that may be recouped in chemical additive savings and lower maintenance costs over just one season. A forward-thinking apartment complex is one that holds the promise of cleanliness, responsiveness, and a well-maintained property overall. Those are qualities that attract and keep long-term renters.

Get the word out: Saltwater brings in renters 

Make sure to market your saltwater pool and other high-end amenities via social media and other digital marketing channels.


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