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Shipping and Returns: A New Consideration for Package Management

One in three. 

That’s right: 30 percent of every online purchase is returned


We already know that ecommerce is bigger than ever with people spending more than a $200 billion annually – a steadily rising number. It is estimated that online shopping has grown more than 17 percent over the last decade. And as more and more brick-and-mortar stores close their doors ecommerce is projected to further skyrocket. 

While online shopping offers a greater convenience with the ability to shop 24/7 and from various devices, it still lacks the sensory appeal that comes with shopping at a brick-and-mortar retailer. As such, 60 percent of returned packages are due to either damaged goods, the product looks different than what was online or it was simply the wrong item.

A report released by Sanford C. Bernstein indicates that Amazon ships an average of 608 million packages each year, or 1.66 million daily. According to UPS, they deliver approximately 18 million packages daily during typical non-peak shipping periods while FedEx boasts 13 millions daily packages.

While these figures don’t take into account the massive upswing in package deliveries during the holiday season (think double the volume), we are looking at roughly 9 million packages returned every single day.

So the question becomes how does your property manage shipping and returns?

By offering Shipping and Returns services, apartment owners and operators can: 

       Provide even greater convenience for your residents by allowing them to returns items they are unhappy with, as well as ship packages to their friends and family.

       Satisfied residents are more likely to renew their leases – more than 80 percent indicate that effective package management positively impacted their renewal decision.

       Offer efficiencies to burdened delivery carriers

       By taking advantage of their regular stops, carriers no longer have to make extra trips to pick up outbound shipments or returns.

       Generate ancillary revenue

       Whether or not you chose to charge residents for this service, you garner improved ROI through enhanced resident satisfaction.



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