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Six words or less from Steadfast's Property Management Leaders

Six words or less from Steadfast's Property Management Leaders

Six words or less!


This month, we challenged our property management leaders to tell us in their own words what their superpower is. Why they are successful—in six words or less (most made it within six words). We had so many insightful, smart and passionate answers. Our leaders have summed up those key skills that have made the difference between leaders and great leaders: Leadership, Learning, Customer Service, Passion, Teamwork, and Hard Work and Values.


Here’s what they shared:



·         Hire character, personality, & work ethic.  ANNA BANKSTON

·         Be available to your team! MONIQUE PINEDA

·         Lead with empathy, and by example. SARA BURROW

·         Authentic, adaptable, engaging, integrity, impact and influence. SANDRA MORFIN

·         The ability to negotiate successfully. CATHY STALLINGS

·         Lead by example! SUSAN SCHNEBERGER

·         Surround yourself with the right people. ANNA BANKSTON

·         You MANAGE things; You LEAD people. ISABEL ALVAREZ



·         Always be eager to learn! HEATHER HOVINEN

·         Never stop learning or teaching. VICTORIA WILKINS

·         Asking questions & time management! CANDACE GREEN

·         Great mentors & coaches. MESHA GILBERT


Customer Service

·         Patience is key. Value people. FAITH EVANS

·         Patience and a Smile. RAVEN SHARP

·         Listen… SMILE… be tactful… eat chocolate! LORI HERRERA

·         Be good to yourself, your team & your residents! MELINDA SHEA

·         Customer service is always #1! GRISELDA MURO

·         Compassion and listening skills are paramount. SUSAN SANSBURY

·         Great Customer Service is your most valuable asset. DIANNA WINGO

·         Appreciate residents, staff, ownership and investors. CARLOS ORTIZ




·         It’s important to always smile! BRANDI SANDOVAL

·         Passionately driven with a servant’s attitude. LEIGH ANN KELLER

·         Inspire, empower, engage, synergy. integrity, vision. SONYA JOHNSON

·         Love yourself, team & residents!  MELINDA SHEA

·         When one door closes another always opens. ANGELICA MARTINEZ

·         Loving what you do motivates people! ROSEMARIE KIMBALL

·         Passionate, devoted, smile, believe in yourself. COLLEEN O’HARE

·         Passionate and love what I do! MADDY RICHARDSON

·         I Love LOVE what I do! CONNIE SCHRAMM

·         Passionate & ALWAYS up for a challenge! LAURIE MANN



·         Teamwork, adaptable, trust, value, accountable, positive. TINA PLACENCIA

·         Teamwork divides task and multiplies success! VALERIE MIXON


Hard Work and Values:

·         Choose harder rights over easier wrongs. HEATHER TURNER

·         Truth, honesty, integrity. MICHELLE GOMEZ

·         Honest, Energetic, Compassionate, Reliable, Flexible, Outspoken. GREG SCHWANTES

·         To achieve goals take massive action! COURTNEY MCCRARY

·         Everything of value requires extraordinary effort. CARLENE DESJARDIN

·         You must pick your battles. ANDREA KING

·         Patience and preparation is always key. TERESA WHITLEY

·         Listen.  Take time to know people. JENNIFER STEPHENS

·         Determination, patience and a good sense of humor! HAILEY BERNLOEHR

·         Fail gracefully. Listen earnestly. Work purposefully. SARAH GARRISON

·         Never…ever give up!!! LAURA E. HEARD

·         Being proactive versus reactive is key. LISA MORROW

·         Organized and follow through. MEGAN FRACTION

·         Success=Patience, Flexibility, & Precision. Brittany Wise

·         Always lead with a servant’s heart. MEGHAN BARRIOS

·         Acknowledge, encourage, and utilize different talents. LISA FAGAN

·         Lead by example, challenge equals strength. Angela Austill

·         Be open-minded and adaptable. BREEZE WU

·         Don't Pass the Lie-Trust but Verify. STEPHANIE TOWNSEND

·         You get what you inspect, not what you expect. LISA MORROW

·         Be True, Be Kind, Be Consistent! STEPHANIE TOWNSEND

·         Always do the right thing. CAROL SORELLE



These leaders truly represent the Steadfast Core Values: Proceed with Integrity, Value People, Embrace Opportunities, Pursue Excellence, Do Good as we Do Well. We are very proud they are part of the Steadfast Living family!

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