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Steadfast Management Giving Back

Steadfast Management Giving Back

On Sunday, December 11th, the Steadfast Giving Tree, in association with our Steadfast Santa Fun Run team, held our 2nd annual 5K for charity. Over 350 people registered and attended this super fun and worthy event.


The morning dawned cool and overcast, perfect for a run (or a walk—depending on your mood). Everywhere you looked you saw Santa hats, Fun Run red shirts, children, dogs and smiling faces. Everyone knew they weren’t just there for a quick run, but were there to support a great cause. Kids, anticipating the arrival of Santa, spent their time jumping in the bounce house, working at the craft table or having their faces painted until it was time. Christmas music and our emcee, Carrie Polonsky, kept everyone in the spirit. After the kick-off blessing by our founder, Rod Emery, it was time to head to the start line.


Then what to our wondering eyes should appear, but Santa Claus in his running gear. We took our marks, we got set and we WENT! Some were serious about their run taking off quickly at the start line, others took a more leisurely pace with their children, dogs and just socialized.


Once the 5K was done, it was time to take pictures with Santa and present the awards to the first, second and third place finishers. Hotdogs, popcorn and cotton candy were provided to the tired and sweaty runners. We’re proud to announce from donations and registrations, we raised…wait for it…


Over $74,000!! All of the proceeds benefit the Steadfast Giving Tree Foundation and will be distributed to the deserving organizations in which it supports. To learn more about these organizations and the Steadfast Giving Tree Foundation, please visit www.SteadfastGivingTree.org. Special thanks to all of our volunteers for their tireless efforts and for the sponsors that helped to make this event a great success!  Get rested team (and runners), we’re already looking forward to next year’s run.

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