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Stressed, uncertain, and overworked: This is how the onsite team feels

Stressed, uncertain, and overworked: This is how the onsite team feels

Stressed, uncertain, and overworked: This is how the onsite team feels

The pandemic has adversely affected both renters and personnel working in the multifamily industry. In a recent survey exploring team morale, J Turner Research found a 24% differential between the onsite teams and executives’ rating of their satisfaction with their company's handling of the pandemic.


The onsite teams were asked what their company could have done better to handle the pandemic, how the company had succeeded, and what ongoing challenges exist. In the open-ended comments, one recurring sentiment was that as essential, front-line workers, onsite team members felt disappointed with management’s lack of support, flexibility, and monetary compensation.


In analyzing the open-ended comments by onsite team members, the following themes emerged:


Lack of adequate compensation/hazard pay

  • Many respondents from the onsite group said they were inadequately compensated or should receive hazard pay for working additional hours and putting their lives in danger. They highlighted the effect of the pandemic on income in reduced bonuses and expressed the need for more paid time off. 
  • Despite some associates achieving leasing renewal rates between 70 and 85%, many reported receiving no commission, as there was no rent increase.


Unfair treatment of staff with children

  • There was a general feeling of resentment and disappointment, particularly among staff members with young children. Many echoed that management had treated onsite team members with children unfairly — they did not offer flexible work schedules or childcare for such employees. Some reported an ongoing fear of losing their job, despite having young children to look after.
  • Some echoed that the employees working from home received greater support than the ones working in the field. Others felt that as “front-line or essential workers,” management mistreated them by demanding more work from them and not demonstrating any concern for their welfare.


The promises are on paper only

  •  Some respondents shared a constant fear of losing their jobs if they did not step up to do what was asked of them. Others mentioned that, though management offered work-from-home options, they had to continually ask to be granted this option.  


Frequent changes in policies

  • The office staff reported feeling short-staffed, overworked with new responsibilities, and confused by frequent change in management policies. They shared that the management was out of touch regarding their stress or loss of productive time due to COVID-19 safety protocols.


 Left to handle disgruntled residents/strained resident relations

  •  The staff felt that they came under fire from residents because of management's delay in announcing their plan to open property amenities. This lack of clarity resulted in a deluge of negative online reviews and stressful interactions with residents. Ultimately, the staff felt burned out and under fire.
  •   Staff was forced to ask residents for rent, which led to immense stress and embarrassment.


Demands of the virtual world

  • Some onsite team members said they feel overwhelmed with the demands of the virtual world — too many Zoom meetings and frequent email communication left them confused and stretched for time.
  •  While trying to balance their customary and new job duties, they were then asked to make virtual videos to facilitate leasing when they had no experience in video editing or social media. 
  • The demands for additional reporting and daily communication was taxing and took away from productive work.


Lack of safety gear/feeling of being put at risk

  • Some felt more at risk due to the lack of proper personal protective equipment and shared that their company did not do enough to procure safety equipment.
  • Some reported that their company did not have policies in place for employees exposed to COVID.
  • Some onsite staff members complained that the office opened back to the public too soon, putting them at higher risk. 
  • Some voiced that the management should have been stricter with their policy regarding tours by appointment only.



 The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged industries worldwide in unprecedented ways. There is opportunity, however, to distinguish your company from the rest – by fully appreciating and attending to the needs of your residents and staff.



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Oh my I can not believe some of the complaints. I think some people just need to change their career

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Thank you for your comment, Myra!

  Priyanka Agarwal

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