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Subtle Changes to Make to Your Website CTAs (Resident Perspective)

Your call-to-action (CTA) buttons are arguably one of the most important parts of your website, so they need to be eye-catching. It's something most marketers (including myself) take the time to craft because the end goal has to do with wanting a prospect to take action...right? Well, I noticed something the other day...

Given I'm a current resident (and marketer, if that wasn't implied yet), my lease is up in a few months. So, I've been doing what millennials do best, and I turned to Google for some apartment searching. I've been combing through different community's websites, and I thought to myself...

How would I level up some of these CTA's? That's the marketer in me coming out, but I thought it might be a fun little assignment for myself. Here's how and why I'd change these CTAs (which are all subtle fixes).

Current: Welcome Home to [Community] --> Suggestion: Welcome to Your New Home at [Community]

I'm suggesting a subtle change to this current CTA/headline. Why? The current one speaks all about the property versus in the lens of a prospect. Add "your" in to make it personal to the reader!

Current: What We Have to Offer --> Suggestion: What's In It for You 

This is another one of those CTA's where "you" and "your" will resonate more with a reader. Put your community in the readers' shoes as much as possible!

Current: Book Your Tour --> Suggestion: Book Your Tour, Your Way 

If I was sincerely interested in the property and wanted to request a tour, this new CTA would interest me. I'd think... what does "your way" mean? And, because we millennials like convenience, I'd have a hunch it has to do with offering multiple touring options!

Now, enough about what I'd change... here are some smart, attention-grabbing CTAs I did see and loved!

  • There's Room for You at [Community]  - Love a good pun!
  • Choose Your Home - Speaks to me / helps me visualize what that next step will be.
  • Your Personal Playground, View Amenities - Catchy!
  • Like What You See? Schedule an In-Person or Live Video Tour - This popped up a couple of minutes after clicking around on the community's website. I love when a pop-up gives me time to digest the website!
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