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An Exciting 2013 Awaits

James Bond BarrelBy Colin McCarthy, J.D., Robinson & Wood, San Jose, CA I saw and liked the latest James Bond flick. I say latest and not "new" because I realize it was released last year and by now everyone is discussing Django Unchained. I will be ready to discuss that film in six months, when I have time to see it. Skyfall was good, but something about it bugged me. In discussing it with my brother and reading some reviews after the fact, it occurred to me: it wasn't any fun. It was so serious! Who wants to see a drunk, depressed James Bond? Not me. He didn't even say "Shaken, not stirred." They just showed the bartender shaking the martini. Fellow blog persons, as we look back at 2012, I hope I avoided Skyfall syndrome. This should be fun. Even though we discussed some serious stuff, hopefully we had fun. We have pretty thoroughly discussed the types of situations that can lead to landlord liability for injuries or damages to others, and the circumstances for attaching liability. It's all about notice, control, and the opportunity to correct people. Having thoroughly flogged that horse to death, we're going to shift gears and start talking about issues to look for in defending against such actions. There are (as usual) three main areas we're going to look at. See? This is fun! First, we'll delve into some detail about which persons or entities are the "landlord" for purposes of imposing liability. Is it the owner,......
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