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Trumping The 24 Hour Maintenance Guarantee

Many communities have some sort of maintenance guarantee at their properties, such as a 24 hour maintenance guarantee.  But for those that have comps that also provide the same maintenance guarantee, here is a good option to go a step beyond and trump them, all with a simple poster. 

If you think about it, if you have a 24 hour maintenance guarantee, that actually represents the maximum time (theoretically) for maintenance to address the problem.  So the average maintenance time will always be less than that number, sometimes much less.  So consider creating a poster for the community that details out the 24 hour maintenance guarantee, and then below that, list out the 12 months of the year.  For each month, record the actual average maintenance time so prospects can see that although the guaranteed time was 24 hours, the actual times being achieved are closer to 9, for example.  This leaves you the flexibility of your 24 hour guarantee with the marketing benefit of a much lower number.

What do you think?

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