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Did Video Games Just Revolutionize Online Leasing?

Video games allow a player to walk through virtual worlds with a full range of motion, which means you can walk into a room, look up and down, side to side, and walk around every aspect of the room, as well as even interact with that room, such as picking up a plate off the table.  In an apartment marketing perspective, this could potentially allow the prospect to interact with the apartment in completely new ways, and see the apartment in perspectives never before possible.  With the right programming, prospects could literally open up cabinets and the fridge, just like they do in a real apartment tour!  Previously, however, graphics for real-time rendered environments like this simply didn't have the clarity required for a good virtual apartment tour.  When you had to choose between a computer generated image that looked artificial, and a 360 virtual tour that provided real images, although sometimes skewed and with movement limitations, the real images won out.  But after seeing this, I think I may have changed my mind!  (Tip:  Expand this to full-screen mode to appreciate the incredible attention to detail) This video absolutely blew me away!  Now, in this video, it doesn't have the person interact with the apartment - just stroll through it, and from what I am hearing, this is still a few years off from being a reality.  But for the first time, I can truly see the potential of online leasing.  Previously, I couldn't imagine people being comfortable enough with......
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