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The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Maintenance Supervisors

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Maintenance Supervisors
I have the honor of working with numerous Super Stars in apartment Maintenance.  They certainly had technical skills, but what made them successful were these 7 Habits I’ve observed consistently in the best of the best Maintenance Supervisors: 1.They pick up trash. When we walk a property, Juan stops if he sees that trash has fallen during the day.  I do it too. He’s not “too good” to take time for the small stuff. I admit the antenna go up when I walk with staff and they pass the trash and don’t reach down for it. I try to set an example, picking up as I go along, and respect those who do as well. 2.They do more than is on the service ticket. Mark has a couple of standard items that he and his team check every time they perform a service request. They check faucets for leaks, test the smoke detector, and check for running toilets, as well as spotting obvious problems, like worn weatherstripping.  There may be more, but these are standard items.  It saves the property money, keeps the resident safe, and demonstrates caring to the customer.  In the long run, Mark’s job is easier on the turn, since he’s taken care of problems each time he enters the apartment.   3.They communicate with residents. Marvin and his team speak to the residents they pass, leave behind information about repairs in their homes, and will make phone calls or home visits when a resident has a question about his or ......
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