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Use It or Lose It, People!

Use it or lose it. If you have 10 PTO days each year and only use 2, then at the end of the year, you have lost 8 precious days. If the line item expense in your budget is never touched, then the next year, it generally is dropped. If the leftovers sitting wrapped in Saran wrap never are reheated and spoil, then the chance to skip a night of cooking is gone. If you squirreled away several hundreds of tax-deferred dollars in your Health Savings Account and December 31st comes and goes without expending them, then they are lost – poof! Just like that. If your company has monies available but are never invested, then you must pay taxes on them. What does this mean? It means you have wasted opportunities! Use it or lose it is a very tangible result of having wasted opportunities throughout the year. As this year winds down and we prepare for the new one to start, hold a few coffees or breaks with your “people”, your Managers, your Assistants, your Maintenance Supervisors, your Leasing Specialists and find out where you can use it before it is lost: those opportunities to better your customer service, to better your work product and turnovers, your residents’ move in and move out experiences, where your dollars should really be going. Find out those opportunities to make a difference for the people in your organization: an extra Bonus Day off, more recognition of someone’s efforts, time off to give back to t......
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