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Property Managers and Landlords – How to Handle Tenants Repair Requests

Property Management Handle Repair Requests

Property management companies, landlords or property managers – try responding promptly to address the tenant’s requests. In some extreme cases, the tenant may be entitled to withhold rent and your property management company could be held accountable for personal injuries as well.


Property Management Handle Repair Requests

Guide to Handling Tenants Repair Requests:

1. If you’re not available by phone at anytime, make sure that you have some type of answering or paging service available at all times.
2. Provide all tenants with several copies of Maintenance/Repair Request forms when tenants move in.
3. Make additional forms readily available to your tenants. 4. For all telephone requests, complete the form and file it in the tenant's records.
5. In responding to all complaints, you may want to verbally follow up and then provide a written response. 6. As a rule of thumb, you should try to fix problems within 24 hours that may cause major inconveniences to the tenant and less serious requests within 48 hours.
7. Use a 24-hour repair service if required for personal security and safety problems
8. Be sure to comply with state and local laws and ordinances

It is important to take action at the earliest to address the tenant's repair requests.

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Should My Blog Go On a Sub-domain or a Sub-directory?

So you’re considering adding a blog to your website. That’s great! But hold on a second. Where you put that blog can have an impact on search engines and how they view all that great, new content you’re providing them. When you or your developers are building the blog, more often than not, this question comes up: “Should we put the blog on www.companyname.com/blog or blog.companyname.com?” Putting the blog at “companyname.com/blog” would be classified as using the “subdirectory” and the “blog.companyname.com” format would be “using a sub-domain.” When you replace the “www” in your site with something else, you’re adding a sub-domain. So where should this blog go? I’m here to give you what I believe is the answer and why. Put it on a subdirectorySorry if that was anti-climactic but, for 99% of the cases, that’s the answer to the “where” question. I highly recommend, where possible, to use the “companyname.com/blog” location.  Sometimes, there’s just no way around using the sub-domain. For example, you might be using some free blog platform and they only allow use of the sub-domain. However, if you have any control over this whatsoever, put the blog in a subdirectory. Why the Subdirectory? Links and Link ProfileOne of the reasons SEO consultants recommend creating a blog in the first place is the ability for that content to generate links back to the website. Blog content is fresh, shareable and can generate discussion. Links are essentially “votes” that carry a lot of weight for search engines ......
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Property Managers and Landlords – How to Inspect the Property With Your Tenants

Property Management inspecting Rental Property

Property Managers or Landlords and Tenants should perform a joint inspection of the rental property or rental unit before the tenant moves in. The objective of the inspection is to

a. identify and document the condition of the property
b. check the conditions of the appliances, security systems, heating, air conditioning systems
c. identify common areas
d. identify service areas such as trash, recycling,  newspaper delivery, mail box, club house and pool
e. provide information on utilities such as water, electricity, telephone and cable services

Property Management inspecting Rental Property

At the end of the inspection, Property Managers or Landlords and Tenants should review the check list and sign each page. Property Managers or Landlords should retain the original check list and provide a copy to the tenant. The check list should be updated as repairs are made to the unit, including what and when the repairs were performed. Both the parties should initial any changes to the original check list.
When the tenant moves out, this checklist serves as evidence as to why property management company, landlord or property manager can withhold all or part of a security deposit.


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What I learned in 2010

This post might come across as narcissistic.  I apologize in advance for that. I do hope there's enough self-deprecation to make up for it. It's been quite a strange and unusual year for me. I realize most of you don't care about those details so I'll just move on. What I DO want to share is my list of things that I learned this year. Important and ground breaking? Certainly to me ... but I hope there are things on this list that don't match yours. You could also end up reading this and wonder why it took so long for me to figure it all out.  I'll take my chances.  Anyway here goes nothing:  There's a big world out there. This first point will probably mystify most of you. Let me put it into perspective. I am the IT guy at Maryland Management. I'm the guy you call when your computer starts randomly rebooting, the application you said you entered has suddenly disappeared or you forgot how to drag and drop. My point is that I am shoved into the corner of the corporate office and stare at computer languages all day. Rarely do I get out and I sure don't converse with people about my job. This year I went to the AIM Conference and my small insular world exploded. You mean there are people out there who like to communicate and exchange ideas? Yes... LOTS. So if you are one who has remained insular... GET OUT THERE and......
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Property Management Stories from the Front Lines

We need your help! Throughout the course of writing the Buildium Blog we’ve covered countless property management scenarios. We hope that our property management tips, advice, and best practices have been helpful to your company — at the very least we hope that they have provided you with an opportunity to reflect on the way that your company does business.

We constantly hear stories from property managers — those of you who are out there managing your properties day-in and day-out — pertaining to specific challenges, nightmares, or unique occurrences encountered on the job. Whether your story is funny, horrifying, or enlightening we’d like to give you the opportunity to share. Buildium will now be accepting submissions for our “Property Management Stories from the Front Lines” series of blog posts.

So what do you need to do? Send us an e-mail detailing your story and what you think makes it unique. The best stories will become a series of blog posts on the Buildium Blog, which can then be weighed in on by other industry professionals. In exchange for your story we will highlight your company, your expertise, and your company website at the end of each post. This will provide great visibility for your business, and great discussion points for all of our readers.

Please e-mail submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to hearing your story!

-The Buildium Team

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Year End Tax Tips for Property Managers and Property Management Companies

Top 10 Tax Tips for Property Management CompaniesProperty managers running their own companies should prioritize for end of the year tax planning, and keep more money in their pockets by taking advantage of the tax benefits available to them. Unfortunately, 2010 is the worst year for end of the year tax planning due to the deadlock in Congress and the inability of Congress to act upon tax issues. One of the positive tax law changes affecting property managers and property management companies is the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, which provides $12 billion of tax incentives – including bonus depreciation, enhanced expensing, and other relief for small businesses.   1. Accelerate or Defer Income: In 2011, tax rates are expected to revert to 2001 rates. The top income tax rate will increase to 39%and the lowest rate of 10% will be eliminated. If you are in the top tax bracket, it might be better to accelerate income. However, those in the lower tax brackets should follow the traditional tip of deferring income. Income timing is not easy, and you should be sure to consider its impact on various deductions and any tax credits. 2. Accelerate Expenses: Accelerate expenses to reduce your business’s taxable income. Purchase goods and services needed by the business. Pay early bills like cell services, subscriptions, rent, insurance, utilities, and office supplies. You can also stock up on any office supplies, like printer paper and ink cartridges.. The acceleration or deferral strategy depends on the projected profit and losses for your business and the......
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Why Cost per Lease is a terrible metric and what you can do about it

Due to our more sophisticated Property Management systems, we are absolutely inundated today with reports. Some of these reports are invaluable and others are a big fat time waster.  One that is given WAY more credibility in this industry then it should is the Cost Per Lease. I can understand from a managing perspective why you want something like this.  Are we spending money on lead sources that aren't producing?  I get it. But seriously folks, measuring this is a waste of your time.  Daddy, where do leads come from?  It isn't what it used to be; not anymore.  The internet has completely changed the landscape.  Years ago when someone said they came from the Apartment Guide chances are that was where they found you.  The ONLY place.  Now a days someone might start their apartment search on Google at 11pm in their PJ's on the couch.  By midnight they've seen your property on a pile of different websites and submitted a prospect card through your internet site.  Which source really wins?  There are schools of thought on this one: First source wins.  Whichever source a prospect saw first wins.  I don't know how you track this one. Last source wins This I would think is the industry norm. Average of all sources This is great if you love staring at sources and numbers all day.  Not for the faint of heart. So we could be starting off with bad data?  Yup. In addition to figuring out which source gets the prize you......
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Here are some things I plan on doing for our next website redesign

I make mistekes all the time. In fact I like to tell my boss "All the mistakes I made today were to learn." 3 years ago I was asked to redesign our website. If my boss was to ask me to grade the end result, I would say a B. If you cornered me alone I would probably say B- or C+ depending on my mood. Don't misunderstand, the site IS effective and overall I feel that it's a good one (You be the judge by visiting) but maybe because I was so involved in the whole process I am more judgemental. There are things I love about it and there are things I wish I had done differently. Lately with all of the new technologies and the growth (more like explosion) of social media the redesign itch has become more and more annoying. Here are some key things I'd like to implement on our next website redesign: The website's template colors do NOT have to match the logo. We have a dark logo. (Dark green and burgundy). We added some light brown colors for contrast but darker colors make the site feel claustrophobic. Sites today seem to be going with the lighter colors; white, lighter yellows, greens and browns. The new site will use a lighter palette thus making the site feel more comfortable. Bottom line is it's important to pick the right colors because they can really shape how someone feels about your brand. Check out this great article:......
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Property Management Companies - Tips to Prepare your Tenants for Natural Disasters

Guide for Landlord, Property Manager, Property Management Companies to Minimize Earthquake DamageDoes your property fall in one of these states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington?   According to the US government, these states fall in seismic active zones and earthquakes can cause significant damage to single family homes, apartment and commercial complexes. Property Management Companies, Property Managers and Property Owners should have a back-up plan ready to minimize damages to people and their properties in case of emergencies.Here is a check list to know if you and your tenants are prepared for natural disaster situations:1. Does your property meet the requirements of latest seismic safety standards.Find out if your property meets the requirements of latest seismic safety standards.2. Do you have an emergency plan in place? This plan should include measures for storing water and food, obtaining first aid training, appointing floor area leaders, conducting drills, and other such activities.3. Are your tenants prepared for emergencies?* Provide them with information on what to do during, and after an earthquake, and on how to secure furniture and other household items.* Encourage tenants to develop individual family plans for shutting off damaged utilities, reuniting family members, and evacuation, if necessary.4. Do you have tenants with special needs? Special needs may include mobility impaired, non-English speaking, elderly, or hearing or sight impaired. Provide your tenants with information on on what to do during, and after an earthquake.5. Do you have an Emergency team in place? The team could include both your staff and tenants and......
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3 things you might not be doing that can improve your lead conversions

Circuit CityMany years ago I worked for Circuit City making commissions by selling a/v equipment.  One day I was working with a gentlemen late in the evening who had shown interest in some very high end stuff.   I spent some time walking him through all the pieces that I thought he'd be interested in.  I will admit I was nervous about asking for the close; mostly because the amount of money for the purchase was so high ($7500+).  So instead of pushing to close, we talked about our families (both having grown up in the same state) and some of our different college experiences.  It was a good conversation and since the sales floor was slow I didn't mind it.  About 40 minutes before the store was to close I went for it and asked if he wanted to purchase tonight.  He said some unforgettable words: "Sure Bill, I'll go ahead and take everything that you showed me."  I netted over $400 on the sale.  Did my rapport building, rather than pressure to close, get me the sale?  I like to think that maybe it did. Here are 3 things you might not be doing, that you should, which can improve your lead conversions: 1) Selling yourself Let's face the facts.  Competition is stiff.  You're selling widget A for $899 and the people down the street are selling it for $869.  Sure your widget might be a bit bigger but down the street they are giving customers their widget free for the first 30 days.  What is......
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