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In Response: How to Get a Tenant-Centric Staff

In Response: How to Get a Tenant-Centric Staff
A topic I like to write about on a regular basis is tenants. What do they like? What do they not like? What trends are they adopting? How can we get more of them in the door of property offices? And, in so doing, I seem to get a lot of feedback on the topic as well. This is especially true when I bring up the importance of having a well-trained and personable office staff, a bit of detail many owners simply do not value, while their tenants definitely do. In fact, in response to a recent blog post on the subject, in which I noted the criticality of having a customer-centric (i.e., tenant-centric) office, the following was posted in part in the comment section:    When I was shopping comps I rarely EVER saw a Manager or if I did the Manager was talking to someone else (usually not a resident) and ignored me completely. I have yet to have a leasing professional take the time to introduce me to any staff member… And while this person isn’t a tenant of the properties she’s addressing, I hear this type of complaint of apartment office staff all the time—from tenants, maintenance crews, contractors, and even visitors interested in a lease. Greg Cohen is with Impact Management in Queens; and in a recent interview, he said that one of the biggest complains he hears about today’s property managers is their lack of concern over returning phone calls. The article he was quoted in goe......
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