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Be original

I have recently had the opportunity to interview potential candidates for a Property Manager's position and I felt like I was starring in the movie Groundhog's Day.  The candidates starting running together because everyone was telling me the exact same thing and exactly what they thought I wanted to hear.  In fact, a few of them were quoting directly from the tips section of an online job search website.Here is an idea - be original!  I am actually going to help.  The following is a list of things to NOT say during your next interview:1.  "I love people and want to help them."  When asked why you want to work in property management, this in not an answer that I want to hear any more.  I can think of many reasons to join this vibrant, exciting industry and this isn't one of them.  If you love people and want to help so much, you could be a waitress, a nurse, a teacher, etc., etc., etc.2.  "I am detail-oriented."  Whoever came up with this phrase should be shot.  I have not conducted one interview in the past five years that I haven't heard this comment.  When asked to describe yourself, I would think you could come up with something different than what has been listed on every job board and written in the help wanted section of all the newspapers.  What exactly does it mean to be detail-oriented?3.  "I can't think of any weakness that I have."  Get real.  One weakness you have......
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The Millennials Are Coming!

I am now scared. Very scared. And no, I did not just watch the latest Saw movie or one of my all-time favorites, Event Horizon. No, this movie scared the crud out of me. I know it is a tad long at almost 13 minutes, but this clip will be invaluable to you in understanding your leasing consultants, some of whom may be straight out of high school or just a few years beyond.


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