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Smart Apartments Make Safe Apartments

Smart Apartments Make Safe Apartments
Fire is a property owner’s worst nightmare, but advances in technology could help lower the risk of apartment fires using web-connected appliances. It’s a feature that many tech-savvy young renters are looking for, and it could pay dividends in reducing kitchen fires. Getting Smart from the Inside, Out Smart technology allows renters to control appliances and thermostats, set alerts, and control security systems inside the home with a smartphone app. Most apartment fires are started by stoves left on and unattended. If a renter sets up an alert that notifies them when they leave home and forget to turn off the stove, they can quickly turn the stove off with the app. These same apps can adjust a thermostat like Nest to help a tenant save money on heating and cooling, and they can be linked to smart smoke alarms so the tenant is immediately notified when an alarm is triggered. But, it’s not only what’s inside the apartment that counts. New door lock technology might make keys a thing of the past, connecting smartphones to locks via access code. That could also lower costs for landlords, since physical locks don’t need to be changed when a renter moves out. A new access code for the new renter, and their security is covered. A Customizable, Step-Wise Approach Little by little, technology is gaining a foothold in multifamily property management. The good news is that the investor can also incorporate that tech in baby steps. A Nest thermostat and smart door locks might be ......
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