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The Benefits and Challenges of Multifamily Surveillance

The Benefits and Challenges of Multifamily Surveillance
“From day one of the initial placement of apartment security systems cameras onsite loitering and suspicious activity stopped entirely. What was once a safe haven for criminal-entrepreneur activity has now been returned to a much safer environment.” – Owner, Apartment Complex & client of Stealth Monitoring If this a statement you dream of being able to make of your own property, video surveillance may be the solution. There are many benefits to having security cameras on your property, including: They act as a deterrent—In a recent New York Times article, Larry Dolin, the chief executive of American Security Systems, said, “Every building is putting in cameras everywhere. And the truth is, you want them. They are a deterrent. People see a camera, they are less likely to do something if they know they are being recorded.” They make tenants feel safer—Renters are 85% more likely to experience a home burglary than homeowners. Many renters, for obvious reasons, consider security systems and surveillance to be an amenity and would pay more to have them. They make them feel safer. They help solve problems and crimes, when needed—Need an accurate detail of an event? You can’t get much better than a video recording. The catch to this ‘benefit,’ however, is that the cameras must be continually monitored. But before you run out and buy some surveillance equipment to throw up around your campus, there are legal technicalities of which you need to be aware. In a recent article, New York attorney, Lucas A Ferrara, said, “…the ......
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