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How to become a geeky apartment shopper

Coffee and the newspaperGrab the morning paper - it's apartment hunting time! It certainly isn't your grandmother's apartment search experience anymore. Not even close. You can imagine how the process used to be. Cup of freshly brewed coffee, a donut, the Sunday paper, all the while making wide circles over ads that looked interesting. You'd gather up your list and head out on Monday morning, hit the streets, drive to some of your favorites or maybe you'd even pick up the phone and call around. Trouble with that approach, as we now know, is the limited amount of information you had at your fingertips. Newspaper descriptions manipulated by marketing departments have a tendency to be predictable, loaded with too many descriptive phrases (an inordinately quaint living space!) and certainly doesn't fill in the information you'd really like to know. It required a lot of work and effort on your part to narrow down your choices. The days of rummaging through these machines for the last copy of The Apartment Guide are fading. Fast forward a whole bunch of years and the internet comes along and search engines and coffee holders using CD trays. Boom. Sunday mornings now become pajama days while you surf the internet and dig into information about your future home. Gone are vending machine style racks from street corners. Print magazines and circling newspaper ads with your pen have been declared dead. Still though, even with new ways of finding an apartment, your level of apartment searching geekiness will vary. Some......
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