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  So, it’s Sunday morning and I’m getting my church on when the collection plate comes around. Some parishioners place nothing in the plate at all, some place a few folded up bills in the plate, some confidentially place an unmarked envelope or folded check… and then there’s those that place a check face-up with their name on it and the amount they’ve given written bold for all to see (accompanied by a smug little grin). No judgment, but it reminds me of a concept I enjoy sharing called “conspicuous consumption and conspicuous conservation.”     The concept of conspicuous consumption was something I read about a couple years back and refers to the need for people to show other people that they are spending a lot of money on their things in an effort to enhance their social prestige. The handbag has to have the right pattern and/or tag, the car has to have the right hood ornament, the watch has to be the right brand. Example – I would never spend the money that I spend on a certain brand of shoes if the red soles didn’t SCREAM to others exactly what brand they are.   Yes, I am guilty.   But when I read the article about conspicuous consumption, I immediately came up with my own term (it may have been coined by someone else in the past, but on that day I made it up) – Conspicuous Conservation. You see – just as much as (some) humans like others to know how mu......
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