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Don't Lose Control Of the Buying Process, Even When Your Prospect Walks Out The Door

Although we would love every prospect to immediately lease an apartment on the spot, that often doesn't happen.  But even if the prospect is set on leaving out the door, there are still opportunities to maintain control over the buying process, even if they choose to tour other communities! Many people are afraid of letting the prospect leave the property because then they lose control, and to a certain extent, that is completely true.  But there are some strategies we can use to maintain that control, even when the prospect drives away.  One of the most important elements is finding out where they are in their own buying cycle.  Do they have several more properties to check out?  If so, which ones? This blog was actually inspired by a webinar presented by Don Sanders called Leasing Tours To Die For!, and I'm going to share a strategy he talked about, as it was absolutely brilliant.  He told us about a fancy new community that had opened up across the street from one of his properties.  As anyone would be, they were nervous that this sparkling new property would suddenly take away occupancy from theirs.  So he shopped the property and found that the leasing consultant he talked to was absolutely horrible.  She was so bad that she negated all the great things this property had to offer.  So what did he do?  When a prospect came into his community, he would ask if they were going to visit any other properties,......
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