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How Call Scoring is Changing the Leasing Process

How Call Scoring is Changing the Leasing Process
Call scoring has fast become the tool that multifamily executives are searching for when considering lead management platforms. It’s no secret why. Call scoring data can easily identify how well your team is interacting with every incoming prospect on a rated scale - transforming the way property and portfolio managers are now looking at leasing analytics. When it comes to leasing effectiveness, a cloudy barrier has long stood between managers and their leasing teams. Thanks to multifamily technology advancements, it looks like the wall is finally beginning to crumble. For teams using lead management platforms that don’t include call scoring, identifying performance deficits and proficiencies can be extremely difficult because of outdated and unreliable metrics (ex: closing percentage, appointment setting ratio, etc.). Inaccurate data in the CRM process leads to inadequate performance conclusions. Call scoring metrics are visibly upgrading the productivity and performance of leasing teams while also evolving current employee training strategies.     How Does Call Scoring Work? Call scoring metrics give multifamily organizations a consistent, monitored pulse on the performance of their leasing teams by having a live agent “score” 100% of calls - instantaneously boosting call quality. By having a third party responsible for the scoring, an unbiased performance analyzation is used to drive actionable decision-making by the leasing staff. Through the live call scoring process, interactions are quickly identified as a prospect or non-prospect communication. Key qualifying questions (such as: asking for name, move-in date, floor plan preference, appointment) are then identified and recorded to ensure consistency in call quality.   Great News - No Mo......
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