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Google there is a lot of free tools that make you look good.

I was on google  tonight  and  discovered google docs. There are templates  for  all  kinds  of things.


Also if  you use google calendar  you can share  with your staff and them with you.


Go to google  get  a  account  and see everything you can get free.


 Take a tour




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A check list for everything . Check it off get it done

Wow i just randomly found a great site with a check list for just about everything and  its  free.  Here is  a exert from the  home  page . " If you use checklists to make your life a little easier, you've come to the right place :). Even if you've never used a checklist before, now's a good time to start! We are pleased to share our checklists with you, and hope that you'll get just as much use out of these checklists as we do. We designed most of our checklists to print out on just one page (be sure to choose "print page 1 only" in your printer options if it is a 1-page checklist). Less paper = less clutter (supposedly!). In addition, we designed them so you can get as much information as you can on one sheet."

You will be  surprised  what  you find   www.printablechecklists.com


David  Medendorp











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