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“My Pleasure!” What Chick fil-A Teaches Us About the Power of Elevated Language

“My Pleasure!” What Chick fil-A Teaches Us About the Power of Elevated Language
My daughter and I love Chick fil-A and end up going there a couple of times a month as a treat for the both of us. Now, no matter what time I go there, it always seems busy! This has been true in restaurants that I’ve gone to in both California and Colorado. In fact, when I managed a community in Colorado we knew that if we didn’t get to our local Chick Fil-A by 11:15 am,  we were going to be stuck in a long line.    Besides the food, I love the level of service that they provide, which is unlike most other fast food restaurants. Let me give you an example: at my local restaurant in Huntington Beach, California associates frequently check on all the diners and ask how things are going and if we’d like them to “refresh” our beverage. Notice, they don’t ask if you want a “refill?”    If you say “thank you” they will always respond with “my pleasure!” Not, “no problem.” Not even, “you’re welcome.” Always, “my pleasure.”   When the lines start to get long and they open up a new register I will often hear, “It’s my pleasure to help you, here.” instead of, “Next in line.”    Little Things Mean a Lot   Isn’t it interesting how subtle the difference between “my pleasure” and “no problem” is-yet doesn’t it make a huge difference? I have been told by a friend of mine who works for Chick fil-A that phrases like “my pleasure” are known as “elevated language” within the c......
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