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Modeling Your Resident Retention Plan After a Cinnabon

Cinnabon[Note:  We have free Cinnabons to give away!  See the bottom of the post for details.] Sometimes, it's best to look at your company/community in the most simplistic terms, so here is something I think many people can relate with:  a warm, gooey, mouth-watering Cinnabon cinnamon roll.  Last weekend when my wife and I were enjoying our "day off" from our diet, we decided the best way to splurge was on a Cinnabon.  The first thought was that we could easily share one, but our stomachs got the best of ourselves and we each ordered our own, justifying it by saying we could always eat any leftovers later on.  There were no leftovers. But what does that have to do with resident retention?  Well, let me break down the Cinnabon experience and then equate it to living at an apartment.  First of all, we both had had a Cinnabon previously, each with a positive experience, so the purchase was a relatively easy one.  After we got them, we slowly opened up the box and the amazing cinnamon roll smell flooded our senses, begging us to devour the helpless pastry.  But here is a little something specific about a Cinnabon:  The outside always seems to have less icing and cinnamon than the middle, yet we never start in the middle.  So as we attack the Cinnabon, we appreciate that the bread is nice and soft, and there is some icing on the outside, so overall it's a good start.  But what we......
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