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Creating a Passion for the Perfect Move-In

I was watching a show today called "Inside Claridges", which delves into the inner workings of one of the most premier hotels in London.  Royalty, foreign dignitaries, and just immensely wealthy people stay at this hotel, which means that their attention to detail has to be without fail.  When they renovate a room, they require that a senior staff person actually stay the night in the room, examining it for any possible issue that might not provide the most exceptional experience for the guest.

I realize that this is not a fair comparison, as our communities often don't even come close to the cost of these hotel rooms, so the resulting product simply will never completely measure up.  But after watching this, and seeing the passion for trying to create the perfect experience, I wondered if I took enough of a critical eye to each move-in as I could have, when I worked on site.  In that sense, I see this video as an inspiration of sorts - maybe an apartment community with fewer resources will always have a few warts, but I think a passion towards this view of the perfect experience could elevate us to the next level.


Enjoy the clip below:  (Skip to 52:20)


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