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Is “no” an option?

Thought I would share a little story with you. When Layla asks for something, she usually follows it up with some multiple-choice options.  The conversations go like this:   “Can I please have chocolate?” – Layla “………….” – Me  I often hesitate to answer questions like this while I try to figure out how I’m going to say “no” and immediately distract her with something else. Layla; however, takes advantage of the pause and makes her question multiple choice. “Yes or Sure?” – Layla   Do you see what’s missing from those answer options? This has me thinking. Are you giving your prospect the right answer options?  Or, are you trying to close with overly open-ended questions? Open-ended questions are great for learning more about your prospect, discovering their needs, and getting a jump start on what their objections may be. But when it’s time to close the sale, open-ended may not be the way to go. For example, if your closing line is: How does that sound? Then maybe you are leaving them room to say something negative. You are reminding them that they can say no, or yes, or whatever they want! Try something like this instead: Would you like to pay your application fee (or deposit) with a check or credit card? Or maybe it’s a nice day out so you ask: Would you like to complete your application inside the office or outside since the weather is lovely?   Are you reminding them that “no” is an option? If you are, maybe it is time to t......
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'Sun'sational Summer Leasing Tips

'Sun'sational Summer Leasing Tips
  Make the most of tours with quick easy summer leasing tips Studies show that prospects that spend more time in the display or vacant apartment home, are more likely to remember the property and much more likely to LEASE there! To help kick off your summer leasing season, here’s some tips to extend your prospects visits:   Keep cool beverages in the display/vacant frig!  Allow your prospects to slow down, take a breather and absorb the apartment surroundings with a break & a few sips of a cold beverage! Stock it with interesting choices & make it memorable!  Try raspberry lemonade   Have a Seat!  If you have a furnished display, let your prospects have a seat. Leasing agents should take the lead and be seated first, then ask your prospects to do the same!  This is the perfect time to engage prospect into conversation of how they would place their furniture in their new home and visualize living there!     Enjoy the great outdoors! Have a patio or balcony?  Make sure you’re taking prospects outside and as you linger, ask how they will enjoy their outdoor space once they get moved in! Make this popular space really inviting, with bright flowers & wind chimes.   GRAND FINALE!! FAV 3 close:  After the tour, ask your prospects to take one more look through the apartment on their own, and return and tell you their favorite 3 features!  This is a fantastic tool to use in your summary close!! It wil......
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Relationship Selling and Why YOU Should Master It!

Used Car SalesThe word sales person conjures up all sorts of unpleasant images...  Need I even say more? Oh you know me, I have plenty more to say!  As professionals in the multifamily industry; we are all sales people, but what sets us apart from other industries is we are selling a "product" that is a basic NEED of everyone... housing!  We aren't the "stereotypical" sales person (or at least we shouldn't be). No one likes to be sold to, yet everyone needs what we sell. So how do you not SELL when you need to get leases? Easy... have a conversation.  Yep, you read that right, talk to your prospective residents. Easy as that! Think you do? OK, let me ask you a few questions... Do you say and do the same thing on each tour like you're following a script? Do you tell each person the features and benefits of living at your community without hesitation? Do you wrap up by asking for them to lease? If so, that's certainly one way to do it, but a better way is to actually have a two way conversation. You know, find out about them... their wants, their needs, their deepest darkest secrets (HA! I kid).  The easiest way to build rapport with someone else is to get them talking about themselves, and the benefit to listening to a prospect tell you about their life, is the clues you can get just from that simple and friendly conversation. Without question it'll tell you more than......
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Don't race to the close with false claims

It was going along pretty well until he said it. Chances are, you've all heard a version of it at least once before: "If you really want this one, grab it now, because it's the last one left, and I've had a couple of folks in this week looking at it."Gary probably didn't realize the negative impact of his words, but it was too late. We left the bike shop without buying and, frankly, feeling the need to shower.In trying to create a sense of urgency to move the transaction along, he used what's normally called the "opportunity method" of closing. Unfortunately, most buyers react very negatively to this method and would rather walk away.Why? It creates doubt and skepticism and erodes credibility. What he said might have even been accurate, but that doesn't matter. The "I have one left" statement has been deeply etched into buyers' psyches as something salespeople say just to close a deal. Used in the manner that Gary did, it sounds hollow and false.Is there a way to communicate the same thing without the negative impact? Yes.First off, it must be absolutely true. If we're going to say we have one left, we'd better only have ONE left. There is no jiggering this. It's binary — we either do, or we don't. We are truthful, or we are lying.The risk of damaging our company's reputation is far too great if it is untrue — so great that it has been a fireable offense in our ......
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