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Are We Accidentally Seeing Our Prospects as Commodities?

This blog was inspired by education sessions at the NAA Education Conference.  To order all the sessions from the conference, click here. Having the right mindset serves as one of the biggest keys to success in any sales job, and I have long felt that we go into the sales cycle with a sense of weakness instead of confidence.  We often start the sales process in almost a desperate manner, in that we know we have current and future vacancies, and we must fill those to meet our financial goals.  But that thought process is leading us to make decisions that favor us in the short term but hurt us in the long run. If we go into the sales process desperate, then we act like a person who is afraid of being alone.  We all know that type of person, who is dating way below themselves simply because the fear of being alone has forced them to accept someone who may not be a good fit for them.  They are willing to accept a less than ideal person because they lack self confidence.  In this way, our communities do almost the exact same thing.  Yes, we have acceptance criteria, but beyond these fairly basic elements, we will accept just about anybody who comes along saying we look pretty. Obviously, we must abide by Fair Housing rules, but really, these are two opposite ends of the spectrum.  It is an overreaction to decide that since we need to abide by Fair......
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