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Is Your Community Clubhouse Broken?

If we look at an individual piece of equipment in any of our amenities, it is usually pretty easy to determine whether it is broken or not.  Is the treadmill working?  Does the pool table have a big gash in the felt?  Is it missing the cue ball?  For the individual components of our amenities, it is often pretty easy to see what is wrong and then take steps to fix it.  But what if we analyzed our amenities as a whole?  If we saw our community clubhouse as one giant piece of equipment, would we know if it was actually working, or maybe it is broken and we don’t even know it? What Is The Community Clubhouse Supposed To Do? If we were looking at individual components of our amenities, it’s pretty clear what their purpose is.  For example, a playground swing is supposed to…  swing.  A pool fountain is supposed to squirt water in some way.  And a cappuccino maker is supposed to make cappuccinos.  Fairly simple, right?  But when we talk about amenities as a whole, it isn’t always so obvious. Our community clubhouse isn’t meant to just exist in order for us to say we have one.  The clubhouse has a purpose, which is to ultimately help drive new leases and renewals, right?  But there are many phases at which the clubhouse can “break” on its way to its goal of renewals: My community has XYZ amenity The amenity fits my particular needs or interests XYZ amenity is pretty/imp......
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