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Welcome Means So Much

Welcome matWelcome means so much.  Have you been to a Wal-Mart recently?  If their greeter is out to lunch, and not replaced, you haven’t been greeted properly by their standards and you have missed out.  It is normally a senior citizen with a warm and friendly smile who goes out of their way to grab you a buggy. How do you greet your new prospects? Does your property say, live here?  First impressions are huge in every industry. Have you noticed that the sales force for pharmaceuticals, copy machines, and real estate are always dressed to perfection with big smiles, bright eyes, and ironed shirts with ties for the men and perfectly coifed ladies from hair to make-up and business suits, every detail in perfect order? So, how do you rate onsite? How about your community? Is your community dressed for success? Are your leasing specialists looking their professional best? Clothes make the man and woman, otherwise, would there be so many fashion magazines out there?  I hardly think so, something to think about. Swept sidewalks, groomed grass and flowers when in season, impeccably clean glass windows and decorated lobbies are all a factor when you want to put out the welcome mat. And speaking of, is your welcome mat clean and vacuumed?  Do you have a candy bowl or fruit available?  A kid friendly snack for children keeps little hands busy and bottled water is always welcome. How about courtesy and kindness upon entering the leasing office? Are you standing up......
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Turning the "Oh, Shoot!" Moments into "Ah Ha!" Moments

Oprah calls these moments, “Ah Ha!” moments. You know – those moments of enlightenment. However, I have found myself in those “Oh! Sh%t!” moments more often than the other. So, how do you get from one to the other? Practice. Experience. Creative problem solving. Collaboration. And, Sheer will power, in some cases.   Here’s an example of a time when I realized I was in an “Oh, Shoot!” moment. I’ve had many but I’ll just share this one. I had always wanted to take up skydiving. My first jump took place about six years ago, when my son and I decided to try it together. What better way to bond, Right? I made the arrangements and the first opportunity we got, on a sunny weekend morning we went to class to learn the ins and outs of packing parachutes and the proper form when letting go of the plane’s struts.  My son was due to ship out in a week so the timing seemed right. It never dawned on me until the day of our scheduled jump that anything bad could happen.     We were pretty excited! We agreed I would jump first and Thomas Sean would follow shortly afterwards. We had practiced falling, landing and how to roll if needed in order to prevent injury by jumping off a ladder to the ground. I infuriated our instructors because I am, one, afraid of heights, and two, it all seemed funny to me and I could not do it without......
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Are you using your blinkers?

turn signal jpg.jpgAre you using your turn signals?   As I drove through some mildly congested traffic last week, it amazed me at the lack of drivers not using their turn signals!  How much confusion and wasted time it created!  The drivers not using their blinkers, left other motorists having to guess what they were going to do; to turn or not to turn, and the many almost accidents caused by these thoughtless drivers pulling out of nowhere in front of innocent cars! So, what exactly are these blinkers, aka directional lights, turn signals for anyway?  They are there strictly for the consideration of OTHER drivers.  They do absolutely nothing for the driver of the car.  Their sole purpose is to advise other drivers of the intentions of the person behind the wheel.   And they’re fairly easy to use too, conveniently located with the ability to function with just the flip of your finger.   Good product – but not unless it’s used correctly! In property management, we have many opportunities to use our ‘blinkers’.  In our management and leasing offices, if we can use our blinkers correctly, it can offer insight, forewarn others of what’s to come, where we’re headed, let other know of our intentions, possibly the need to be accommodated and potentially avoid collisions.  That’s pretty good stuff! But do we do it?  It seems that both leasing and management seem to forget to flip on their turn directional at times.  Seemingly winding through traffic and tasks knowing exactly what they’re......
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New Community Managers "How To" Guide

I’ve recently been wondering how different managers, properties, and people respond to different situations and/or challenges at their community.  It would be beneficial to a new manager in this industry to have guidelines on what to do when different things happen.  For example: apartment fires, evicting people for violating the lease, break-ins, illegal drug use, bed bugs, etc.  In my mind, I envision a “how to” book with each circumstance and how different people take different approaches to respond. 

I am an Assistant Manager and hopefully will have my own property fairly soon. I went to school for Residential Property Management but there wasn’t a class on how to respond to these things – what to say to the Resident, what steps to take to make the situation easier, and how to get it resolved. 

The first “how to” I would like to figure out would be an apartment or building fire. I would not know where to start or how to respond to this.  What steps do you recommend to take and how would you go about resolving this the best way for everyone?

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