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Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Student Housing?

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Student Housing?
Week after week, a new article is published by media outlets claiming there is too much student housing.  When a few high-rise student housing buildings go up in a city, they are often met with community resistance. Most times, there isn’t substantial evidence or quantitative proof to dispute such developments. If a market does actually have too much student housing, investors would not build in that area. Investors do an extensive amount of research, looking at the current supply, demand and future trends, before breaking ground.   As of right now, according to Axiometrics (a leading source for student housing market research), there is definitely not an oversupply of student housing nationwide and the market is healthy overall. Axiometrics has repeatedly demonstrated evidence that there is not an oversupply of student housing.Here’s a look at two examples of cities which have been named as having too much student housing at one point.  Waterloo, Ontario – University of Waterloo & Wilfrid Laurier UniversityThis is likely one of the best known cases in Canada, as Waterloo has been dubbed the student housing capital of Canada. Dozens of articles came out between 2014 and 2015 citing an oversupply of student housing and forthcoming problems for landlords and the city. One article claimed there were already 32,000 student housing units in the city, with 7,000 more planned; but only 31,000 students seeking housing. These numbers would make it look like a problem, but as Peter Taylor from Maclean’s said, “Repeat after me: this is not a problem.” Taylor goes on to explain that building more student ho......
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