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Making Craigslist Less Painful

Across multifamily, 72% of communities currently use Craigslist.  Unfortunately, Craigslist tends to be a time-consuming and tricky platform, taking precious time that leasing consultants could be spending elsewhere.  Therefore, we asked Kitty Callaghan, Vice President of Marketing at Wasatch Property Management, to share how they tackled Craigslist!  Below, she shares how they went from managing Craigslist for 50 properties using an Excel spreadsheet to automating the process using Rooof’s PostEngine tool.

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3 Tips to Avoid Having Your Apartment Ad Ghosted

You've submitted your apartment ad to Craigslist, and the Craigslist dashboard says it's published. But even though it's listed as active, it might not be there. Go on, take a look.

Can't find it? You've been 'ghosted,' and you need to figure out why.

Ghosting is Craigslist's way of controlling spam. It's an automated process, and sometimes legitimate posts get caught in the ghosting filter. If you're getting consistently ghosted, though, consider re-thinking your posting strategy.

Slow Down.
Try to post only once or twice per day. Consider reposting ads less frequently.

Get Creative.
Create a set of completely different ads and substantially vary the images, text and title.

Use One Good Account.
Craigslist tracks your IP address, and multiple accounts make you look like a spammer. If you’ve over-posted in the past, you may need a new account to clean things up.

Sticking to these rules won't make you ghost-proof, but it should help most of your ads go live.

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