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Make It Easy For People to Fall in Love With You!

Make It Easy For People to Fall in Love With You!
I am currently reading a book written by my pastor, Caleb Anderson. In the book he recounts a story of an experience he had picking up food “to go” at an Italian restaurant in Newport Beach, California-that I’d like to share with you.    Caleb went inside the restaurant to pick up his order and was greeted warmly and enthusiastically and told that someone would be helping him shortly. A waiter appeared and brought out some bread and olive oil (for dipping) along with a glass of water, while he waited for his order.    Then another associate came out with his food and brought it to Caleb’s car. After he placed the food in the back seat the waiter shook Caleb’s hand and said, “Have a great evening, Mr. Anderson!” and walked away before Caleb could even consider giving him a tip. He was so impressed by the service that he told his friends and family about it-and eventually included the story in his book.    Here is the restaurant’s vision statement:   We at Mama D's are Proud to be the "World Class Crazy Ones". On Our watch, we want to do something extraordinary with our gifts and talents. History will be the judge, but the script is ours. We are on an adventure to blow the doors off "business as usual". We are here to make a difference in the world, and a world of difference.  We are extremely committed and passionate about a culture built on loyal relationships, ......
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