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Here’s A Really Bad Idea: Sue Customers Who Write Negative Reviews About Your Company

Whether you’re an executive at a large real estate investment trust (REIT), a local community manager or a single owner of a multifamily apartment community, it hurts when a resident goes on a tirade about your community. It hurts so bad that you often want to ask the review site to remove the review immediately even though it doesn’t violate the site's terms of service. And for some companies, it hurts so bad that they file libel lawsuits against reviewers, according to a recent article in USA Today. But is it a good idea to file a lawsuit against your own residents? More than half of states say, “no” and have enacted laws against these types of lawsuits. Yet, some still allow the practice, and some companies are actually filing suits against their customers. Regardless of whether state laws allow you to file suit against a resident for a negative review, there are three big public relations reasons why this is a bad idea: Lost TrustOnce prospective and existing residents get wind of the practice, you’ll lose their trust. It’s difficult enough to maintain trust even when you provide excellent customer service, have the newest amenities and reside in the best neighborhood in town. The moment you try to shut down the free speech of your residents or prospects is the moment the tide turns and the people who pay rent and never complain stop trusting you. Lost trust at an apartment community means angry residents, broken leases and lost revenue. Prosp......
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Customizing Your Customer Journeys

Introduction Nike is always at the forefront of of marketing innovation. For years, Nike has allowed everyday customers to customize their new kicks.     This idea of mass customization has transcended into almost every industry. Think about your last trip to Moe’s. Did you go with the standard ‘Earmuff Bowl’…or did you Build-Your-Own (B-Y-O)? If you’re like us, you went down the line and cherry-picked the ingredients you like the most. The best part, you still pay a comparable price… assuming you did go too crazy with the queso. In our last several posts, we have discussed how you can customize your communications for prospects and residents. We recommend email sets to enhance each customer’s journey. Today, we are going to talk about how you can customize your communications to fit your individual property’s needs, because one size doesn’t fit all… no matter what the tag says.     Campaign Customization Let’s imagine a property management company has two properties in the Boston area. Property A has an amazing location in the heart of Boston, however, it doesn’t have room for a lot of standard amenities like a pool, gym or clubhouse. On the flipside, Property B has luxury amenities, but is located about 25 minutes outside of the city. The standard Pre-Tour emails (showcase amenities, features, and neighborhood) doesn’t work well for either of these properties.     That’s why you should customize your customer journeys to highlight your property’s strengths.   For Property A, you may want to forgo the ‘Showcase Amenity’ email ......
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