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The First Date Principle

If you’re reading this article I know that you know the importance of seeing things from a customer’s or resident's point of view. But have you ever found yourself frustrated with the people on your team who don’t ever seem to “get it?” During my property management career I tried a lot of different ways to help the people that I managed and trained to see things from the customer’s point of view. Using what I call the “First Date Principle” has been the most effective method I’ve found to do this. The First Date Aren't first dates stressful? We’ve all been there right? You try outfits until you find the perfect one. You experiment with different hairstyles, make up and accessories to look your best. Perhaps you’ve made reservations at a restaurant whose name you can’t pronounce and whose appetizers alone cost more than your monthly car payment.  During the date don’t you find that you try to avoid anything that could make you look bad, or be taken the wrong way? If you can’t afford what your date ordered for dinner, you don’t say a word. If you think the waiter is really cute you resist the temptation to take another look. If you feel like you need to burp, or anything else, you make sure that you are far away from the table before it happens, right? Why do you do this? Because you know that the person sitting across from you is watching everything you do! ......
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