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  As a huge online shopper, I am a fan of customer reviews.  I've found them very helpful for various purchases, but I'm realizing they are now guiding most of them. I have become a skeptic when it comes to all advertising, blasting through ads, pictures, and testimonials presented by the seller, and heading straight to the customer reviews. In fact, I tend to search primarily based on "customer reviews" now, sometimes ignoring those products that don't have reviews and dismissing those that have too many negative reviews.   In 2013, BrightLocal released the findings of their Local Consumer Review Survey. The study which explored consumer consumption of online reviews confirmed that more customers are reading reviews as part of their pre-purchase research before selecting a product or service.  Key Findings: — 85% of consumers say that they read online reviews for local businesses (up from 76% in 2012) — So the path from reading online reviews to purchasing from a business is short which means it’s crucial for local businesses to have a positive online reputation so they convert ‘searchers’ to customers. — By the time a consumer has started reading reviews they have identified an issue/need they have, worked out what service or product satisfies this need and now want to select a business to use.   Apparently, I am not alone.    1. The Path is Short  If you are like me, you probably cringe at the price of Gillette or other name brand razors at your neighborhood store. Soon, we will all have to take out......
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What reviews are you focusing on?

blurredYes, I’m still alive (although this blog has seen better days).  One of the challenges with blogging, or using social media in general, is that you have to actually do it.  Whether I’m doing a video or banging something out on the keyboard it does take some thought and effort.  With the number of topics I’ve chimed in over the years it sometimes can be difficult to come up with something original.  Maybe I just need to embrace the fact that every post isn’t going to be a spankin’ new topic, but I can just put a spin on something current.  We’ll see…maybe I’ll get going again. Anyway, one of the reasons I blog is because I’m inspired by someone else.  Vaynerchuck, Godin, Trosien, Alney, Whaling (just to name a few) inspire me on a regular basis.  Today I was inspired by Seth Godin’s post, Unreasonable clients. During the past few years I feel the topic of “Customer Reviews” has been an important one in the Multifamily space.  In general, I believe that customer satisfaction in our industry has become so much more important.  Lots of competition, new developments popping up around the corner, and a shadow market of homes for rent make service even more important. So what do we do about those customers that we just can’t make happy?  We all have them, and some of them have even left scathing reviews on ApartmentRatings.com.  Just three years ago I remember a conversation during an association event where companies were brainstorming on an idea ......
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