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How much is multifamily data worth?

How much is multifamily data worth?
REALITY CHECK The multifamily housing industry is sitting on a goldmine of information that hackers would like to steal. Personally identifiable information (PII) includes name, address, date of birth, phone number, email address, Social Security Number, bank account info, credit card number, and other types of sensitive data that we collect on tenants. On the Dark Web -- the place on the Internet where people can browse anonymously to sites that deal in contraband such as illicit drugs, child pornography, and stolen credit cards -- the average estimated price for stolen credit and debit cards ranges from $5 to $30 in the United States. Bank login credentials for a $2,200 balance bank account sell for $190. (Source: BGR) Thieves can use stolen identities to open credit card accounts, file false tax returns, create fake credentials, or even get medical treatment on the victim’s health insurance. You also need to be aware that attackers are after your company's intellectual property, financials, employee PII, bids/proposals, and other company sensitive data. It's much easier, for example, to steal your research, than it is to conduct my own. And you don't have to be a Home Deport or Target to be a, well, target. I just hung up the phone with a client who was being hit with both ransomware (malicious software that encrypts all your data files and demands a ransom) and a denial-of-service attack (massive amounts of network traffic directed at his site to make it unavailable to customers), and he wondered aloud why they would g......
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