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Is the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation Targeting "Dive In" Movies?

During the National Apartment Association Education conference, I was asked to meet with a representative of the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation, and I found that this organization, which represents movie publishers and studios, is looking to ensure that movies shown at multifamily properties are paying the proper licensing fees.  The issue is that a DVD, a Netflix account, or other On Demand services you receive are really only a license to watch personally.  To give an extreme example, imagine that you packed an arena of 10,000 people to watch a movie, but instead of the studio getting paid for 10,000 people watching their movie, they only receive a payment of $15 for a DVD sale. So on the whole, I understand that they have concerns when multifamily properties have group showings to residents.  And they also have the right to enforce that, so I’m actually with him at this point in the conversation.  They deserve to get paid on large scale showings, and communities probably want to take a risk-averse approach and make sure they are not setting themselves up for fines.  But then he tells me the pricing, and it gives me pause: $6.25/unit/year up to 300 units $3.00/unit/year for each additional unit above 300 units up to 500 units $1.00/unit/year for each additional unit above 500 units This approach seems easier to administer by a long shot, allowing simple budgeting and less tracking, but it doesn't at all reflect the fundamental differences in communities that have a dedicated theater and t......
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