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Proper Documentation - A Fair Housing Must

Proper Documentation - A Fair Housing Must
Why is documentation so important? How can it help you in the event of a fair housing complaint? What are some best practices that your company should be following now? This article provides a brief overview of the value of documentation as well as some tips to ensure you and your staff are protected. Why Documentation is Important Perhaps a question is raised regarding the availability of a unit. A prospect wants to view the two-bedroom unit that a friend said was available only hours before. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.  Another scenario that we frequently see is when there has been a change in staff or management. Consider this situation; a resident comes in wanting to know what has been done regarding a complaint they lodged weeks ago with the prior manager. You look in the resident’s file and find nothing. Maybe something had been done, but now you have no documentation or proof to address the situation. Proper documentation will give your staff the information they need to provide a thorough explanation and state the facts. Without this, you are open to a possible fair housing complaint. A Fair Housing Complaint - Now What? These brief examples highlight how important documentation is. Every employee needs to be documenting every interaction they have with both existing and prospective residents. Along with this, there needs to be a regular audit completed to ensure that policies and procedures are being followed.  Documentation - Tips and Best Practices Here are some b......
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The Dark Side of Property Management

BlameWhen you first visit a property as a potential tenant, everything is designed around you seeing the best that the property has to offer. The management office (hopefully) is spotless, the staff are friendly and helpful, and there’s usually a candy dish for you to enjoy while you look over lots of glossy, colorful paperwork. But everyone knows the flipside of this idyllic situation. Once you sign on the dotted line and move yourself in, you’re able to see the real property, warts and all. Sometimes it’s nothing major -- maybe the lock on the gate to the dumpster sticks. Sometimes it’s unbelievable -- theft, invasion of privacy, and things you’d never dream a property management company would allow. As a property manager, you can only do what you can do. There are only so many hours in a day and your budget is what it is. But if you’re not receptive to tenants’ complaints, things can get ugly very fast. There was a situation not too long ago at a Virginia property where the residents came close to rioting because they felt that the property management company was not living up to its responsibilities. Management, for their part, claimed that the residents were unreasonable, slovenly, and constantly disobeying the property rules. So as a property manager, what do you do in a situation like this? Hire a mediator? Serve mass evictions? Break out the water hoses? Before you resort to those sorts of extremes, here are a few tips. Isolate the problem. ......
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