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Are You Encouraging “Emotional Ownership” Of Your Apartments?

b2ap3_thumbnail_painting-room.PNGImagine you know a “car guy”, who has a car he has carefully restored back to pristine condition.  If it wasn’t for him, the car would be a rusting heap, falling apart at the seams, but because his hundreds of hours of hard work, patience, and toil, the car is a sight to behold.  Now ask him to sell it. How well do you think that conversation is going to go?  Do you imagine he is going to say something like, “I’ve had plenty of time with that car, I think it’s time to get rid of it.”  Of course not!  That car is his baby, his pride and joy, and you must be truly heartless to ask him to give it up.  The thing is, he could likely buy a car that was fully restored, and it would be equally beautiful and a sight to behold.  But it isn’t his car.  It isn’t the one he bled for, it isn’t the one he cursed at, and it isn’t the one that took hours of his precious time.  His relationship to the car is beyond simple owner, and goes into a realm of emotional ownership. Working toward something or some goal builds an appreciation for that creation that goes beyond the physical elements of the item.  So what does this have to do with renting apartments?  The inherent problem with renting an apartment is that you don’t own that apartment.  You are essentially borrowing it, knowing that you have to give it back.  But even......
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