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CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Is Your Company Engine Running Low On Oil?

FLASHBACK TO 1992: It was a very hot summer morning in Miami, Florida. I was driving my car to work on I-95 and all of a sudden the engine stopped running. It was rush hour and you can imagine how happy all the people driving in my lane were about this situation. As the cars began to move around me, the honking and rubbernecking began and I was feeling quite desperate. As painful as it was, I called (yes, we had cell phones in the early 90’s) my best friend’s husband that I knew would NEVER let me live this moment down. He was always giving me a hard time about everything—this would be no exception. My car was eventually towed and the diagnosis was that my engine had ceased up due to lack of oil—actually, no oil. I was so busy leasing apartments (we were in lease-up mode…again) and managing a community that I failed to remember that my car needed oil to function. In a vehicle’s engine there are many moving parts that operate together. The oil in an engine circulates throughout and is responsible for lubricating all of the moving parts. Without it, these moving parts rub against each other, create extreme friction, and tear each other apart. Eventually, these parts will wear excessively, and the engine will ultimately fail—just like mine did.    A company is no different. When the working parts are not lubricated and moving smoothly, the moving parts rub against each other, create extreme......
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