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Would you work for you?

Would you work for you?
I was at my local office supply store yesterday; the Epson printer has printer her last page. Think I’m going HP this time.  While checking things out in their DIY print section (love to have a local places where we can get marketing items printed ASAP!)  I overheard a conversation between the manager and an obviously, new employee.  He was explaining how to NOT spend a lot of time with customers. Intrigued by what I was hearing…okay, I was being nosey, I continued to browse the area and hear more.  He made some good points. "Know the material to be able to explain to customers, be ready with an order form.  This way they won’t hold you up while they try and figure it out . Cause they usually can’t."  Wow. He continued as this young lady asked questions like, “well what if they’re really interested and just need help getting through the forms?”  Manager reply; “Sit them over here and tell them to let you know when they’re ready.”  Then go fill out forms, stock this or that, blah blah blah.  He continued in this intimidating manner and the whole time could clearly see me.  Within eyesight = within earshot. Good rule to remember.  Seconds later, I heard the girls voice crack as he barked at her and said something about no common sense.  Then asked her if he offended her.  Really?!  This is the time for Under Cover Boss!!  Or, would undercover boss care? Is that what we’re doing?   Is that the message we’re sending......
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