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First and Lasting Impressions

First and Lasting Impressions
Think about the best event you’ve ever been to— The marketing is fun and thought out, the design all in sync. The venue is in a great location, the entertainment is right on brand. Oh, and the food! How can we forget the carefully chosen, delectable food? Types of events like this where each detail is thought out leaves the audience feeling inspired, and this inspiration all starts with first impressions. This is the spirit of event planning. Creativity & Brand First impressions are made through marketing’s creative genius and design’s cohesiveness. It’s important to have a plan in place. Whether it’s social media, email, direct mail, or in-person marketing, it should contain innovative design and strong story-based copywriting as well as creative brand elements that will get your audience excited. That same design and branding should carry over into the event. And when I think of a brand, I think of every element an event should own and how it should match up. These elements include everything from gifts, staging, décor, and entertainment, to the speakers, activities, and venue. Everything should either highlight or be relevant to your brand, which will also help you create cohesiveness. Recently I attended an event where all of the marketing and branding was cohesive. It was brilliant! However, when the dinner portion of the program started, everything became a jumbled pile. It was as if some outsider had planned this portion and this portion only without knowing anything about the company. While it’s good to be different, ......
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