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This Nitro Coffee Better Be Good!

This Nitro Coffee Better Be Good!
Have you heard of nitro brew iced coffee? Apparently it’s a “thing” right now, which has taken the coffee world by storm. What is nitro brew coffee? It’s basically a cold-brewed coffee, infused with nitrogen bubbles, and poured “on tap” like beer.  I discovered nitro brew randomly on a day when I really wanted an iced coffee while waiting for my flight. Unfortunately the barista told me they were out of regular iced coffee, but had their “Nitro Brew” available. I had no idea what nitro brew meant, but if it meant iced coffee, I was in. I was a little taken aback because the nitro brew cost more than regular iced coffee and I am normally pretty frugal (cheap) with coffee. When I received my order the cup looked even smaller than I expected and I started to feel that this was going to be a gigantic rip-off. You know, “nitro brew” being fancy marketing speak that justifies the added expense over regular iced coffee. But when I took my first sip I was pleasantly surprised. It was very good. It had a smooth texture and was not as acidic as most coffees. I really enjoyed it. A few days later I visited another coffee shop that had nitro brew coffee, so I ordered it again (still feeling the pain of the greater expense!) and it was, again, very good. Higher Expectations When the price is higher the demand is higher and you need to deliver. All of the fancy marketing buzz words don’t matter ......
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You Can Count on Me

Accountability is a hot topic right now as the economy has strengthened dramatically. No more crutches and excuses.  It goes right along with the thinking, ‘people most often know what to do but are just not doing it, or not doing it well’.  Does this sound familiar? So where does accountability come into play?  Accountability simply means I can count on me, you can count on me, I can count on you.   It’s a willingness to rise above ‘reasons and excuses’ and get done what needs doing so that revenue flows, margins hold and the business goes forward effectively. Only then can everyone in the organization have a shot at thriving.  Simply surviving is no longer an option.   People today will tell you they have: too much to do, too little time, too few resources. Accountability to themselves and the team often takes a back seat as a priority.  Why?  There‘s lack.  Lack of understanding, expectation, involvement and feedback.  So accountability gets a bad rap.  And too often gets abused.  Accountability really is positive and thrives by setting people up for success in advance. People want to know what’s expected to achieve the organizational goals.  Really. It’s not an extra activity, it’s doing things right.  For example, let’s take getting my 18 year olds to be accountable for their weekly responsibilities. I can: •tell them what to do (will they hear me?) •bribe them (will they do it more than once?) •force them (will they resist?) •or involve them (gaining mutual agreement f......
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