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Three Questions to Ask About Your Social Advertising Strategy

Social advertising in the multifamily industry requires some unique considerations. In contrast to many other short, transactional consumer buying cycles, the consumer journey in the multifamily industry averages 90 days. However, during the extended time period that a prospect is on the market, their intention to find a community is hyper-focused.  Your multifamily community's social advertising strategy is aimed toward targeting these high-intent prospects, showing them timely ads, and quickly following up on leads. But how do you make sure your multifamily community isn't wasting time, money, or resources in your social advertising investment? Here are three questions you should be asking yourself about your social ad strategy. 1. Are you targeting the right audience? Facebook has changed how it manages data, removing the ability to target ads with demographic information like age, gender, or zip code and, instead, pushing for other companies to facilitate access to consumer data. In order to target ads to in-market customers on Facebook, some companies now work with advertising partners with access to first-party data (for more information on the difference between first- and third-party data, check out this post).  Multifamily communities who work with advertising partners with databases of first-party data are able to focus their advertising dollars and run more effective, targeted campaigns. Since first-party data comes from firsthand industry sources, social ads are targeted toward engaged prospects. Non-targeted social advertising is like throwing up a billboard - you can hope some in-market prospects will see it, but you may have also ......
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New Facebook Beacon: Why Your Apartment Community Should Participate

New Facebook Beacon: Why Your Apartment Community Should Participate
Now your apartment community can interact with your Facebook fans when they walk into your doors with the new Facebook Bluetooth Beacons. This nifty little device will sit on your desk and help promote more information about your community. Currently, Facebook is giving away one free Beacon per Facebook account, but for only one randomly selected fan page as of now. They say the Beacons should be delivered over the coming weeks, but nothing is certain at this point. I remain optimistic they will come in the mail, so we can get a jumpstart on this new technology. How is Works When new potential residences walk through your door and open up the Facebook app the new Place Tips feature will offer information such as: • Welcome note and photo• Ask to LIKE your fan page and check-in• Current posts on your Facebook page• Show their Friends who like your page The Facebook Beacons utilizes Bluetooth technology to send one-way signals to the users phone to ensure they get the correct information about your fan page. Facebook claims the Beacons do not collect any data from people’s phones, but still be aware of this since it’s still a really new product. Users must enable their location settings and have Bluetooth enabled in order to receive Place Tips from the Beacon at your community. Set up is a breeze. Simply remove your Facebook Beacon from the package then remove the sticker on the back. Lastly place it in a safe area on your desk and yo......
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