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Is Your Abandoned Facebook Page Poisoning Your Prospects?

a1sx2_Thumbnail1_Facebook-likes_20160601-190911_1.JPGThere is an absolutely fascinating story hitting the news right now about an apartment community that attempted to force residents to like their Facebook Fan Page within five days through a bizarre "Facebook Addendum" taped to their doors.  The addendum also tried to ban residents from posting negative comments about the community on any public forum.  I'm not sure who thought that was going to go over well, or if it is even enforceable, but as one can imagine, rather than get the likes they wanted, they instead racked up over 800 one star reviews and has since taken down the page entirely.  We hear these stories pop up once or twice a year, and it always amazes me that they don't anticipate the backlash. UPDATE:  I received a note from a company representative that the addendum as posted was not approved by the company, but rather posted by a single person at the property without authorization.   If that weren't enough of a story, I wanted to see the fan page for myself, but since it had been taken down, the page I found was for a community with the same name but across the country.  Guess what is happening there?  Sadly enough, that page is now getting bombarded with one star reviews and negative comments on the page, even though it isn't at all related! So my first question was why is the unrelated community's page not fighting back?  Why haven't they done anything to show that it isn't......
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The Cost of Bad Facebook Fans

When most companies and communities begin using a social network, their number one goal is often to increase the number of fans, followers, connections, etc.  If 250 fans is good, then 500 fans must be better, right?  In fact, I consistently get requests to become a fan of an apartment community, as they try to get fans in any way they can, even though I really am not the best target fan for them.  The problem, however, is that having more fans can actually hurt your efforts in the long run, if they aren’t truly fans. Let’s start with a basic idea to discuss the issue:  Imagine a community that has 250 fans, 50 of which are true fans of the community and would interact with the page given the chance.  Now imagine a community with 1,000 fans, 50 of which are true fans and would interact given the chance.  Traditional thinking would claim that the second community is in the better position, as they have more total fans that might see their message, plus they have the same number of active fans.  Unfortunately, traditional thinking in this case is wrong. When you make a post on your fan page, Facebook has to determine how popular it might be and how many people it should show it to.  A common misconception is that your fans will automatically see any updates you make, simply because they are your fans.  Instead, Facebook also has to feel that your post is worth the space it ......
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Are Apartment Communities Wasting Their Time With Facebook?

As Multifamily Insiders is a social media site in itself, I’ve always been cast as the “social media guy” who supports the use of social media for apartment communities.  But that all-inclusive idea isn’t exactly accurate.  While social media has required elements, such as reputation management, and does have plenty of success stories, for many apartment communities, Facebook has been a giant challenge that often ends up in lonely, empty Fan Pages. Since the beginning, success with Facebook Fan Pages always had its challenges that many people promptly ignored because it was free.  But nevertheless, there were issues right from the start: 1) Facebook was never actually “free”.  It always required a decent amount of labor resources, but often those resources were not actually allocated or budgeted for.  It was often a “fit it in” situation rather than a scheduled element of business. 2) Facebook, and all social media, requires new skills, including how to write engaging posts, how to schedule and allocate time, how to write in a way that remains professional but leverages the personal nature of social media, etc.  But many companies did not provide nearly enough training on these topics. 3) Even if you had fans, that didn’t mean Facebook would actually show your posts to them.  You do not have control of whether your own fans see your content. 4) Fan Pages are often not ideal for apartment marketing or resident interaction without the help of 3rd party systems, and yet they were being pushed in both those direct......
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