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Is Your Community FLAWSOME?

No person or brand is perfect, and fortunately today’s consumers—or in our case, residents—understand that while we strive for perfection, it is sometimes hard to reach.  Now before any apprehension sets in, as we know you deal with resident complaints and work orders every day, let us explain. Although no community is perfect and incidents do happen, hiding or avoiding flaws can actually be detrimental to your relationships with residents.  According to TrendWatching.com, “Human nature dictates that people have a hard time genuinely connecting with, being close to or really trusting other humans who (pretend to) have no weaknesses, flaws or mistakes – don’t assume brands are any different.”  Basically, if something goes awry, address the issue, keep your residents in the loop, share your plans to fix it and, if possible, provide solutions to prevent it from happening again—all in your most human-like tone even if you are communicating it through a computer.  This is called being flawsome. Flaw∙some [flaw-suhm] adjective: Marketing trend and term coined by TrendWatching.com that describes a brand that is embraced and respected by consumers despite having flaws. Being more accepted as a brand by consumers for being “human” and transparent. Being a transparent brand that has flaws, knows it has these flaws and owns them! Now don’t misinterpret this resident sentiment.  Being flawsome does not mean getting away with more and doing less now—residents’ unwavering expectations and standards are still set very high.  Being flawsome comes with still trying to meet these expectations to the best of your ability, but when the......
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