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Review: "For Rent: The Apartment Manager Series"


b2ap3_thumbnail_For-Rent-Book-Review.jpgFor Rent: The Apartment Manager Series is a fun ride through the door of property management, following the adventures of our heroine, Cambria.  Like many of us, Cambria's story crystallizes how common it is for us to not necessarily enter the industry with a plan to be property managers, but rather fall into this crazy industry out of nowhere, until it sucks us in to its chaotic underbelly.

Cambria, a single mom who is desperate for money, finds herself as the manager of a small property with plenty of quirky residents who seem to make it their goal of tormenting her as she struggles to understand the ins and outs of management an apartment community.  Add in a string of car thefts and a mysterious bag of wallets, Cambria's first forays into property management suddenly progress from gently getting her feet wet to a riptide trying to drag her under. 

The book is a fun, fictional take on apartment management with over-the-top characters and a quick flow that slides the reader through the adventures of Cambria, as she desperately tries to learn the ropes.  Go in with expectations of a humorous take on property management, and you will undoubtedly enjoy For Rent: The Apartment Manager Series.

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