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Musings on diversity and inclusion in multifamily - you, too, suppliers!

Musings on diversity and inclusion in multifamily - you, too, suppliers!
No, no - this isn't a political post! Although timely, there's certainly enough conversation going on about that on other forums. My musings flow from having attended last week's National Multifamily Housing Council's (NMHC) annual meeting in San Diego. Among the many enlightening sessions, one that really resonated with me was the panel titled "An Imperative for Future Business Success: Walking the Talk on Diversity & Inclusion." Really strong panel, and really great content. An oft-quoted source during the discussion was a McKinsey Women in the Workplace 2016 study, you can view an excerpt from the report here. There was nothing tremendously surprising, of course -- we still have a long way to go as a nation and as an industry to create true diversity and inclusion (and earning parity) for not just women, but all ethnicities, races and orientations. It was extremely encouraging, however, to see that not only did NMHC have a general session devoted to the topic, but that they have a Diversity and Inclusion committee. This high-powered organization and many of its extremely visible members are activity embracing this challenge and creating business strategies (and in some cases departments) devoted to expanding the cultural vision, values and hiring practices around including diversity of thought and individual in the workplace. Refreshing. Necessary. Smart. Right. But as someone who hails from the supplier side of the business, it really got me thinking. Indulge me while I wax anecdotal here . . . but while we seem to have a large......
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