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Appeal to Family Focus When Marketing to Generation X

Appeal to Family Focus When Marketing to Generation X
Babies born in the cold-war-era between the mid-1960s and mid-1980s are labeled “Generation X.” As a group, this generation has been labeled rebellious, independent, skeptical, and entrepreneurial (AccountingWeb), but they also have a strong family focus. They don’t trust most marketing tactics, and they have a need to make a difference. Shift your focus just a bit when marketing multifamily properties to this generation, concentrating on: Family-friendly amenities: This is a major selling point for most people, regardless of generation identity. But, highlighting neighborhood location, property amenities like playgrounds or security, and local school ratings can boost your property’s appeal to Gen-Xers. If your property lacks a family-friendly atmosphere, invest in landscaping that encourages outdoor play for children. Or, focus on neighborhood features like nearby parks.  Truth in advertising: Don’t make this group promises you can’t keep. If your marketing material makes your property sound better than what it really is, you will lose the interest of these natural-born skeptics. Tailor your message to focus on their values and interests; but above all, be honest and you’ll earn their respect. Community: The Generation Xer who wants to be a part of something more will be moved by perks like community gardens, recycling programs, energy efficiency improvements, and community service partnerships for residents. Promote service projects by offering discounts on rent for hours worked, or host recycling contests or food drives that encourage friendly competition among teams of residents. Set up a community service group that adopts and maintains that nearby park. The possibili......
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CUSTOMER LOYALTY: What Do You Know About Generation X?

The road to Customer Loyalty can take many twists and turns. In last week’s blog, “I am the Complaint Department? Now what?” I wrote about the importance of teaching employees how to effectively respond to resident complaints. One of the key points I made was the importance of listening to the customer. Hearing and listening are two very different things—hearing just happens, listening leads to learning. While I do consider myself an above average listener, early on in my property management career I found myself surrounded by people that I listened to, but did not understand. It was as if we were speaking a different language! It turns out that we were—I was speaking Generation X, while they were speaking Traditionalist and Baby Boomer. How did I respond? I became a generational researcher. If you want to understand French, you purchase a French language book, if you want to understand the different generations, you purchase the book GENERATIONS, written by William Strauss and Neil Howe. Current studies show that the oldest of each generation is now entering a major new life-stage. The Baby Boomers are entering retirement; Generation X is entering midlife with established families and becoming influential leaders, Gen Y is entering the workplace, and Gen Z is still in school or in diapers! As each generation enters a new season in life, their wants, needs and habits will change, too. Are you serious about building Customer Loyalty? Understanding generational differences can help you uncover valuable information and build ......
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